Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An infinite Dominion over all fermented grain

Ottawa was getting really rough for me mentally. All my friends are starting to get married and are too busy watching movies with their GF on Saturday nights to do stuff. I guess I fucked up my serious undergraduate relationship so I don't have the chilling at home/mariage option. Kinda re-upped my friends (shouts to the NBAs) but I find myself to be sort of lonely some weekends when everybody sucks but me. My camera is a friend that makes friends. I went to the legendary Dom by myself and had one of my funnest nights in awhile (this was pre-NYC of course). I approached people I thought looked cool.

Let's get this party started up right. This is my girl Nat you will probably see her on here a lot. She hooked me up a smoke which allowed me to not look uber creepy when stalking out pics in the smoking courtyard. Smoking sucks unless there's something in it for you!

This dude I took another picture of last weekend. He didn't mind the first time but the second time he got pissed when I didn't pay him for it (not part of the deal). I told him that if he didn't like any of my pics to shoot me and email and I will take it right down. Same goes for anybody really!

"Oh when the skins, oh when the skins, oh when the skins go marching in!" I was a skinhead for a bit and will be again in the future. I loved making people second guess me. Read up about skinhead culture and you will learn that almost all you see are anti-racist and are down with reggae. One of these guy had a YOUTH OF TODAY tattoo. Great dudes.

She boderline did not want me take the pic; how can you say no to Big Baby?

This dude was with a metal head who refused a group shot. This guy was probably my favorite male picture of the night. EVERYTHING about his look is unique. Sometimes I say I have a "fashion" blog but skinny peeps who already know they are the shit don't interest as much as guys like this. True fucking originals.
No millionaire in the world has more fun than this kid. Pure party.
This girl was with another "good looking girl" who refused me the pic. Great look but I wish she wasn't putting on a mask though.
She was maybe my favorite pic of the night. When I asked her I think she thought I was making fun of her and she was really hesitant. So happy she said yes though. I hope she sees this pic and no longer hesitates when a photographer wants to capture her amazing vibe.

Chill dude chillin.
"Hey man I love the football paint" "Fuck you this is warpaint" The punx droppin the bird in there thought he was fucking up my shit... all he was doing was setting me up for an allé OOP!
Really great guys. Talked long and hard about music and fashion.
I feel like I owe this man some money. He and his guitarist friend shared party favors with me and I had no money left. I hit his buddy up last Saturday but I still need to drop some dough in his hat.
The above dude's buddy. Super nice guy shared a lot of great stories. He loved the camera way to much though. He only wanted me to take a pic while he was playing but I had to wait soooo long for him to let his armor down. He was playing "Hey Joe"
Speaking of armor... This girl only let me take her pic if I was in the picture. I shouldn't be posting this because I am wearing an opposing team's colors. The dons sing "We hate rangers more than you" so it's coolish. But yeah ARMOR, I really try to wait for that first crack in someone's "picture" face. This girl has her picture face on and it bums me out :(

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