Tuesday, February 9, 2010

to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothin'

NYC PARTY ROLL. Pretty much all one day.

This couple was funny. Dude was not having me... really didn't want the pic taken. Girl was feelin your boy BBC though. Check those eyes... Moral of the story is: hold on tight but not too tight kids.
Hate what they are asked to do but I try not to hate the dude behind the badge. A job is a job in this cold world. I tried to get them to look serious "Just pretend you saw me write my name on a train!" Lady was able to stop laughing dude couldn't get it together.
check the hand tat... nuff said
This kid has business cards with his face on it. Might as well link his shit. Shouts to my finger showin up again.
Normally I ask permission for pics. I had to snap this ad hoc lap dance goin on though. Check the dude's feet.
Benedict and Max. Ben is way more real than he looks. Max is blood.
Dude was chill early in the night. Got weird and shit right here. Ladies beware.
An L.E.S. Powergay. Dropped some crazy stories bout Harley from the mags. Might be B.S. but I was pretty drunk and impressed.
IF ANYBODY KNOWS WHO THIS GIRL IS LET ME KNOW! I THINK HER NAME WAS CIERRE ? (FROM BEDSTUY) She fucking (figuratively) owned this place and we talked about the day biggie died. I think I wrote my twitter username wrong in her berry. I loved the fact she kept saying my name.
These girls were aight. I'm not sure if she's got her eyes closed as a pose or if I caught her mid blink. Chill either way.
Faye from England. One of the coolest peeps at the hostel. She's way too hot to likes comics!

Benedict the n.1 Australian person I've ever met. He had party favors and that helped take the trip to the next level.
My boy Ash from England. Was down with Madball therefore down with me. Great dude.

I hope everything works out for Faye and Ash in NYC/the USA. I think they have a blog but I'm not sure if it will still be updated. Check it though.

Late night subway with the only other 613 kid that has the guts to leave. From franco farm girl to a New Yorker. Would kill for her.
Only postin this to give shouts to my boy Manchester. Post bar he ate like 5 bags of chips. We've all been there. Good bar ally.

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